Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Full Goods Destruction”?

The destruction of unopened consumable products. What type of materials can you process? Master Recycling specializes in, but are not limited to, the destruction of consumable products. Do you accept all types of food grade liquids? Master Recycling accepts only Non-Hazardous liquids. We do not accept flammables or corrosives.

What do you do with the liquids?

The liquid is stored, treated, and discharged in compliance with all necessary environmental permits. What do you do with the packaging material? All the packaging material (cans, plastic, glass, cardboard) are collected, baled, and recycled. What are your fees? Master Recycling offers competitive pricing for our services. Please call for specific pricing.

Do I need certain documents to ship my material?

For the most basic loads, a general “Request for Destruction” form is needed. This form describes the product, case quantity and container size. We have a standard form available on line.

Can you accept Alcoholic Beverages?

Yes. Master Recycling accepts beer, wine, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages.

Is it possible I can recover State and Federal Excise Taxes?

Yes, if the products qualify. Master Recycling can assist you in obtaining any Tax credit that may be due to you.

Do you provide transportation for my shipment?

Master Recycling does not provide transportation, however (by request only) Master Recycling can manage the transportation of your product. Otherwise, you may arrange your own transportation.

Do I need an appointment?

It is highly recommended to schedule an appointment for delivery.

Do you accept other items other than beverages?

Please call the number listed for location you would like to deliver.

Do you accept Dairy products?

Yes, Dairy products are acceptable.

What is the benefit to send my materials for destruction?

The security on knowing the products are destroyed and not appearing in the marketplace. There may also be Tax benefits with the proof of destruction. Note: Most landfills do not accept liquid products/material.

Do you provide proof that the material was destroyed?

Master Recycling provides an “Affidavit of Destruction” certifying the quantities, date of receipt, and the dated of destruction.